Yard Ornaments

Yard Ornaments are very popular and becoming more popular every day.  One of the more popular ornaments are those made of concrete.  These ornaments are sturdy and stand up well especially in the northern climates.  Many are finding that these yard ornaments can be made of concrete, and in fact are building a business around the concrete yard ornament. This article describes how to get involved with concrete yard ornaments:

Concrete Blocks And Garden Ornaments

"Making concrete blocks and concrete yard ornaments is a great business. You can get started by working from your garage at little cost.

With hand made molds and very simple production methods a large variety of concrete products can be made. Concrete blocks are used in many kinds of building projects and are a basic commodity of the building trade. You can easily make 100 blocks per day with hand made molds.

The number one selling garden ornament is the concrete bird bath. There is a huge demand for birdbaths and they sell extremely well. It is easy to make a range of different styles using hand made molds and they can be sold directly to the public or to building supply and garden stores.

Transporting concrete products for any distance is expensive due to their size and weight. Local stores are very pleased to have a local supplier who has low costs and a very competitive price. With no transportation costs it is possible to make excellent profits.

Many other kinds of garden ornaments and concrete garden furniture can be made from available plans. Huge 'Ali Baba' style vases and other vases large and small can be made without the use of molds. The simple production methods used to manufacture these can be learnt quickly. They are excellent patio and garden decorators and sell very well. These are great additions to a concrete block business. They are highly profitable.

A wide variety of other concrete ornaments can be made from either commercial or hand made molds and there is a great demand for these. By starting a part time business,working from your garage,the risk is eliminated.

Your startup costs are only the price of the sheet metal and plywood required to make your cement block molds. The concrete mix is made from Portland cement with sand,gravel and water.

As the business grows you can progress to full time work when you are ready. For volume production of cement blocks a concrete block making machine is a necessity. Several companies manufacture these machines,however they are quite expensive. The best choice may be to build your own machine.

Plans are available for building a very good machine from auto parts,sheet metal and a few bits and pieces. One of these machines can be built for a fraction of the cost of a commercial model. It can turn out hundreds of blocks daily.

A growing business will require premises large enough to accommodate the racks on which the cement blocks are kept while drying. A helper to move the blocks from the machine to the racks is also a requirement at this stage. The volume of business now possible will however more than justify the extra expenses.

A concrete products business can be started with minimal cash outlay. With hard work it can be built into a high profit full time enterprise. Demand for concrete products never dies and the sky is the limit in this excellent business opportunity. You can have an income you could only dream about while working as an employee for someone else.

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